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Bishara Wilson
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Bate’s Method of Eye Health Tired of having to use your glasses or contact lenses in order to see? Well, look no further, there is a natural way to regain your eyesight and retain optimal eye health. The method that makes this possible is called the Bate’s Method. Created by Dr. William H. Bates in 1891, the Bates Method has been used as an alternative form of ophthalmology for over a hundred years. Bate’s believed his alternative therapy to regaining eyesight revolved around the idea that most eye problems were caused by habitual, or recurring strain to the eyes. Bate’s assumed glasses were ineffective and encouraged people to try his alternative solution to fixing eyesight. One part that makes up the method is a series of specific eye exercises, which aim to alleviate the strain causing the patient’s eye issues. The first key exercise we will introduce is the near-to-far shifting of focus. This exercise will work to promote a balanced use of your eyes, it will help build flexibility in the eye muscles and increase your mind-eye coordination. The object of the exercise is to look at photograph while you hold one of your fingers about 10 inches away from your face. The idea is to shift focus between your finger and the photograph, this will either cause you to see an illusion of two fingers, or two photographs, depending on what you are focused on at the time. Eye stretches are another exercise critical to the Bate’s Method. Eye stretches take around three minutes to complete and they are very easy to do. First, you must close your eyes and relax all of the parts of your face while maintaining deep and easy breathes. Now, with your eyes closed stretch your eyes in an up and down motion, repeat this 20 times. After you have stretched the eyes up and down, close the eyes again and roll them in both clockwise and counterclockwise motions, repeat this step 20 times as well. Eye stretches are imperative to optimal eye health, they reduce pressure in the eyes and help your eyes relax. In addition to exercises for the eyes, the Bate’s Method calls for changes to diet and the amount of exposure you receive from the sun. In terms of diet changes, smart things to do when incorporating the Bate’s Method are to cut sugar and fat from the diet, and to add a hearty amount of fruit, nuts and vegetables. Although dieting won’t increase your exposure to the sun, sunning, an idea unique to the Bate’s method will. Sunning is the idea that an individual’s eyesight will improve after staring directly at the sun. In order to stare at the sun you have to work up to it first, but overtime Bate’s stated you will notice improvement to your overall eye health. Sunning must first be started gradually with a small light source such as a lamp and then through practice and exercise you can then start staring at the sun. There are many part to the Bate’s Method and you should be sure to do them all when trying to retain optimal eye health.  Bishara Wilson, L.Ac., MSTOM New York Sports Acupuncture 888.375.5444
Bishara Wilson
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Research Update:  Acupuncture and Ophthalmologic  Health A study conducted by researchers at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and published by the Journal of Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, demonstrates how acupuncture can improve visual acuity, reduce light sensitivity and decrease visual defects. The study tested the efficacy of a four point acupuncture prescription in the treatment of loss of vision. The researchers used three acupuncture points around the eye and one point in the suboccipital region. All of the points are classically indicated in Traditional Chinese Medicine for the treatment of eye problems. The test concluded acupuncture is beneficial in the treatment of vision problems.                The eyes can reflect a lot of things regarding a person’s overall health.  Illnesses can be detected by the ophthalmologist in the very early stages. And conditions like glaucoma, neuritis and even vision loss can be indicators of systemic health problems. TCM has always known about the connection between the eyes and a person’s health. Many eye conditions respond well to acupuncture treatments and these methods have been used for centuries to assist in keeping the eyes healthy.                TCM pays very close attention to the relationship between the organs and the tissues.  Imbalances within the body can sometimes manifest as problems in the eyes. If a person is treated for eye problems, the underlying imbalances that have caused these issues will also be treated by the licensed acupuncturist.                The main concept behind acupuncture is the nourishment and movement of blood and energy throughout the body to create harmonic balance. Quite frequently, there are imbalances in more than one organ system that lead to problems in the eyes. But the organ system most closely associated with the eyes in TCM is the liver. In TCM, the liver “opens to the eyes.” The liver provides the primary energy flow that is responsible for the support of healthy vision. Within the eye, certain meridians have primary influence over specific areas. For instance, the pupil is influenced by the kidney meridian, the retina is influenced by the liver and kidney meridians, and the sclera is influenced by the lung meridian. Reading the eye is one of the tools acupuncturists utilize when diagnosing a patient.                Receiving regular acupuncture treatments can be very beneficial in the prevention and treatment of ophthalmologic conditions. But there are some things that can be done at home too that may also help.  Acupressure massage can reduce tension in the eyes and contribute to overall eye health. This can be done multiple times throughout the day to help stimulate blood flow and positive energy into the area.  There are also several frequently used Chinese herbs that can help keep the eyes healthy, including goji berries and chrysanthemum flowers. Both of these herbs can be steeped into green tea for a nice eye rejuvenation tonic.                To find out how acupuncture and TCM can help you with any vision issues you might have, locate a licensed acupuncturist in your area and set up a consultation or appointment. Bishara Wilson, L.Ac., MSTOM New York Sports Acupuncture www.NewYork 888.375.5554
Bishara Wilson
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Foods to Improve Heart Health Wonder how you can help your heart stay in balance? Well, what you put into your body goes a long way in determining how balanced you are. Check out some of these foods you should consume in order to promote good heart health.Red foods have been shown to help the heart biochemically; foods such as hawthorn berries, strawberries, cherries, raspberries, tomatoes, watermelon, peppers and goji berries keep your heart happy with lycopene and anthocyanin, antioxidants and beneficial vitamins. Other helpful foods include garlic, cayenne, cilantro, basil, magnesium (found in leafy greens, nuts and soy) and green tea. Also try ginseng, jujube dates, reishi mushrooms, dong quai, seaweed and schizandra berries.Orange vegetables like carrots have carotenoids and lutein, powerful phytonutrients. And oranges, the fruit, can help decrease your risk of heart disease. New York Sports Acupuncture Bishara Wilson, L.Ac., MSTOM 888.375.5444
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