Interview with Bishara Wilson, L.Ac.


Please tell us who you are and the name of your business.


I am Bishara Wilson, a New York State Acupuncturist and practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and founder and owner of New York Sports Acupuncture, where we “keep in check, your knees back, shoulders and neck.”



How did you get into Acupuncture?


I've actually been interested in holistic health since I was young.  My mother has been vegetarian for over twenty years, so there were always herbs, foods and health books around the house.  As an undergraduate student, I became even more serious with studying herbs, metaphysics, and practicing meditation.


For my senior project I wrote a sixty page research paper on natural health.  I then decided that I wanted to be a professional herbalist.


After I graduated, I visited Pacific Institute (now Pacific College) of Oriental Medicine and immediately fell in love with the herbal pharmacy.  But, in order to learn Chinese herbs, I had to enroll in the entire Master of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine program.


It ended up being a blessing in disguise because I learned many more skills that are needed to treat the many health conditions that my clients have.



How long was the program and what exactly did you learn?


The entire course was three years and eight months of brain racking work.  Courses included Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, Oriental Medicine theory, Tui Na massage, Tai Chi, Eastern and Western Nutrition, and biosciences like Biology, Biochemistry, Biophysics amongst other classes.



What year did you graduate from Pacific College?





How did you get interested In Sports Medicine Acupuncture?


I’ve been athletic since I was young, and when playing competitive sports you are bound to get injured at times.  I know how bad it feels to want to be able to perform, but can’t because your body has injuries.


I also like to see human excellence.  The work I do helps folks that are good and great become even better.



Do you only work with athletes?


No, I work with anyone that has any muscle pain, joint pain and bone pain.  Most folks over forty years old have some type of neck pain, low back pain, knee pain or shoulder pain, and are looking for relief.  I also address each person’s individual physical constitution.



Tell me more about that…


In Traditional Chinese Medicine, we look at all the body’s systems and the functions they have in the body.  Any dysfunction of any system of affects the entire body.  For example, a digestive imbalance with signs like bloating, gas, acid reflux, irregular bowel movement and low energy can cause other issues like edema (water swelling), weak muscles and muscle pain.  It also prevents the body from healing of injury and pain syndromes.  We would have to balance that digestive problem for anything else to really heal itself without constantly reoccurring.



Wow, I never would have thought that my digestion has anything to do with the body…  How do you come up with a diagnosis?


The person’s chief complaint, or the reason that they are coming in for a treatment leads me in a particular direction.  For example, if someone has low back, I ask questions that pertain to how they got the low back pain, how long they have been in pain, what makes it better or worse, etc.  I also palpate the lower back to feel exactly where it hurts. 


I do orthopedic and neurological exams and muscle testing to pinpoint exactly what muscles, joints, tendons and bones are being affected.  Then, I finish with a Traditional Oriental Medicine diagnostic evaluation which looks at the quality of a person’s qi and blood as it relates to the different organ systems in the body.  From all of this, I am able to have a working diagnosis.  I then develop a treatment plan that I use a guide during subsequent visits.



Wow, that’s a deep…


What modalities do you use at New York Sports Acupuncture?

I use a combination of Acupuncture, Tui Na Massage with essential oils, Corrective exercises and Chinese Herbs.  Sometimes I use electric stimulation with the Acupuncture, heat therapy with a heat lamp or a technique called Moxabustion, Cupping, and Gua Sha.



How many treatments does a person need?


Generally, I like to see my clients twice a week for a course of ten visits. But, each person is different, and may need fewer or more treatments than this.


Where is your office and how can someone get in contact with you to make an appointment?

New York Sports Acupuncture is Brooklyn, New York.  We can be reached at 888-375-5444


Thanks for your time.


My pleasure, thank you.



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