Cupping is a technique where small glass jars are attached to the skin by a vacuum created inside the jar. Cupping is sometimes combined with acupuncture and bloodletting.

The vacuum effect in the cupping method has the function of:

  • Promoting the flow of energy and blood

  • Ridding cold from the body

  • Decreasing swelling and pain

Cupping is used to treat syndromes like arthritis, other muscle and joint pain, stomach problems, and lung problems like cough and asthma.

Cupping with bloodletting is suitable when treating acute sprain with blood stasis (black and blue marks under the skin).


“When a disease fails to respond to medication or acupuncture, moxabustion is suggested.”

- Chinese medicine proverb

Moxabustion treats and prevents disease by applying heat to points and parts of the body. Moxabustion burns the herb mugwort in the form of cones or stick over specific points of the body.  Moxa rolls can also be placed on the needle to provide deep heat into the area of discomfort on the body.


This has the effect of:

  • warming the muscles, tendons & joints
  • promoting the flow of qi and blood
  • strengthening the immune system

Moxabustion is very effective at treating painful joints and muscles with illnesses like arthritis, numbness with cold sensation and paralysis.

Clinical practice has also proved moxabustion on pressure points to be very helpful in preventing disease and keeping healthy.

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